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Like a fair few beanie babies that were made in 1997, Gobbles the turkey comes in a few different variations. He either came with a double or single-layer felt waddle, and his tail feathers were attached at various heights. This is one of those beanie babies that could be worth a. The rarer a Beanie Baby is, the higher the price tag. Even all of these years later, collectors are dying to get their hands on some of the editions that are harder to obtain. Head up to your attic and search around to see if you have any of the ten most expensive Beanie Babies listed below! This bear isn’t really that rare, but some of them have rare tag errors that make him worth a lot of money. The errors are that some tags say “oriiginal” instead of original or “suface” instead of surface. If you have bear with these errors, you could earn up to $2,500. Because only a couple thousand were released before the craze caught on, with Ty replacing Peanut with a lighter blue version, this Beanie Baby is extremely rare. Peanut has gone through a slump in terms of value, but if you own one, an easy $1,000 to $2,000 is waiting for you.

Beanie Babies without tags are worth a lot less than Beanie Babies with tags. For collectors, while the condition of the Beanie Baby is paramount, the tag, itself, is an important factor in whether someone selling their collection will get full value. Remember when everyone was convinced that Beanie Babies, first introduced in 1993, would be worth tons of money one day? Well, Ty Warner, the infamous founder of Beanie Babies, was sentenced to.

There are a number of other Beanies listed on eBay for well into the five figures, but we get that not everyone has that kind of budget for something you got for $4.99 at a Hallmark store two decades ago. So if you’re interested in Beanie Babies as an investment, but want to start a little smaller, here are a few to consider. Spangle. As of 2014, Beanie Baby values range from under a dollar to hundreds of dollars for the rarer Beanies. For example, a first-generation Peanut the Elephant sold in May 2014 for $510. Other special beanies include the Princess Beanie Baby, which according to Ty Collector was released in memory of Princess Diana in November 1997. The majority of Beanie Babies are worth less than they cost to buy when.

Anyone who collected Beanie Babies in the 90s was convinced they were going to make them a fortune one day. The dream hasn't come true for many, but there are some valuable toys out there. How can you tell if yours is one of them? Naturally, the more unusual tags are worth more. The First Beanies. The original Nine Beanie Babies were released in 1993 at New York Citie’s World Toy Fair. The thing that made these toys unique was their stuffing. Instead of using the standard fluff, the creators used plastic pellets which they called “beans,” hence the name Beanie Babies. Rare Beanie Babies You may have seen eBay sellers trying to sell rare or retired Beanie Babies. You may have seen them selling the plush toys for a gargantuan amount of money. I’ll bet your heart skipped a beat or two. Your thoughts went right to the collection you have gathering dust. You felt an [].

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